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Free M3U Playlist 2023

The Free IPTV project is a collective work done by people from all around the world in order to create an easily accessible IPTV playlist set that can be received by any device. Anyone is free to contribute as long as they abide by the guidelines and the content streams are legal. We update our playlist archive on a regular basis, and it goes without saying the amount of channels we have. Including a huge list from the USA with sport, entertainment, music and lots of other subjects. We also have lists for every country like Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and more.

Pluto TV is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest international broadcasting. The list is set up to be used with KODI and the IPTV Simple PVR addon because some channels may require the YouTube add-on on KODI.

M3U playlist 2024

If you want to stream the channels on Windows, macOS or Linux you can do so with a player that supports m3u streaming like the VLC media player, you can take a look of our IPTV m3U Playlist for VLC Player. I recommend IPTV Smarters Pro on Android. It’s totally free and easy to set up. When you open the app, just select to add an M3U List and it will take care of the rest for you. You can use KODI as well - as mentioned above, you need the Simple IPTV PVR add-on in order for it to work on your device.

Worldwide  IPTV M3U 2024

How to Stream IPTV Channels from PC to Smart TV?

You can stream IPTV channels from PC to Smart TV by using the following steps:

For Windows PCs:

  1. Connect your PC and Smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Download Plex Media Server for Windows
  3. Open Plex Media Server and configure it to play on your Smart TV or other media player
  4. Open Plex Web App on your PC and navigate to Channels>Right-click “IPTV”>Add Channels>Choose channels you want to add>Click on a channel name >Click Add Channel. After that, you can start watching IPTV channels from PC on your Smart TV!

For Apple Macs:

  1. Install VLC Player on your MacOS device, and enable its built-in web server function

What is IPTV?

The abbreviation “IPTV” stands for “internet protocol television.” The term is used to describe a system that uses the internet to deliver television content to users. This is a new way of distributing TV content that has been around since the early 1990s.

IPTV’s main purpose is to allow TV viewers to watch programs they like, without being limited by the geographical location of their house.

Some people may argue that this is not yet an important concept in the world and it will never be as popular as cable tv. However, others see IPTV as a big opportunity because it provides more flexibility and versatility with viewing choices.

If you are a fan of streaming media, then you have probably heard about M3U playlists. These files contain a list of multimedia content that can be played on various devices and platforms. The best part is that there are plenty of free M3U playlists available online.

In this article, we will explore what an M3U playlist is, how to get them for free, the best sources to find them, the top media players to use with them, how to create your own playlist, and their advantages and disadvantages. We will also provide an updated list of the best free M3U playlists for 2024 as well as solutions to common issues when using them.

What is a Free M3U Playlist?

An M3U playlist is simply a text file containing URLs pointing to audio or video streams on the internet. They were originally created for use with Winamp media player but now work with many other players such as VLC Media Player or Kodi.

The Best Media Players To Use With Free M3U Playlists

While there are many different media players out there that support playing back .m3u files, some of the best include:

How to Create Your Own Free M3U Playlist

Creating your own M3U playlist is easy. All you need is a text editor and a list of URLs for the multimedia content you want to add. Simply open a new text file, copy and paste each URL into it, save it with an .m3u extension, and you’re done.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Free M3U Playlists


  • They are free.
  • They offer access to many channels from around the world.
  • They work on multiple devices.


  • Some links may not work or be outdated.
  • Quality can vary greatly between channels.
  • There is no guarantee that they will continue working in the future.

How To Solve Common Issues When Using A Free M3U Playlist?

Some common issues when using these types of playlists include buffering problems or dead links. Here are some tips on how to solve them:

  1. Try changing media players as different ones handle streams differently.
  2. Check if your internet connection is stable enough for streaming purposes.
  3. Make sure your playlist is up-to-date and that all the links are still active.
  4. Try using a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions.

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